Health Coaching

What is a health coach?

A health coach is a guide to help you on your healthy living journey!
You may think you are living a healthy lifestyle, but are you really?
Are you stressed out? Need to lose weight? Can’t seem to relax?
Did your doctor recommend a diet to you for health reasons?
Are you still eating  SAD (the Standard American Diet)?
Need to quit smoking or another unhealthy habit?

We can help!  Let us be your accountability partners on this journey!
We will teach you how to incorporate easy, healthy changes.
Self care is so important!  Take care of you.

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Hi!  I’m Kerri. I’m a holistic health coach. 
A health coach is your accountability partner in your healthy journey.  There is much more to healthy living than just a healthy diet.  In today’s crazy world it can be easy to get caught up in the matrix and get on the never ending hamster wheel: go to work, work, come home from work, take care of the kids, take care of the family, etc. etc. etc.  Self-care has taken a back seat and is often thought of as selfish.  The truth is, self-care is not selfish at all.  If you don’t take care of yourself first, how can you take care of anyone else?  You know the saying on a plane, put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else.  You are no good to anyone if you are passed out and unaware.  Yet many are living life on autopilot.  If you are not happy, how can you make those around you happy?  If you are not healthy, how can you ensure the optimal health of your family and those around you? 

Your health and wellness is much more than just diet.  It requires integration from all facets of life:  diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplements, etc.  Body-Mind-Spirit-Soul.  Are you happy in your career?  Are you living each moment with joy?  Do you have healthy relationships?  Do you need to lose weight?  Quit an unhealthy habit?  A health coach can help!

Each session is unique, as we are all unique individuals with unique needs.  A brief consultation can help us determine where you may need support in your life to help you get to optimal health of body-mind-spirit-soul!  Let true HEALth begin!

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In addition to being a Health Coach, I also teach Yoga and Pilates, I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, I am a Sound Healing Practitioner and a Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. I also study and practice many other healing modalities, especially energy healing modalities such as Qi Gong, Acupressure, Feng Shui, and Dowsing. I have experience working with Akashic Records, Aromatherapy/Essential Oils, Ayurveda, Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Some of my hobbies include Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Crystal Healing, Quantum Healing, and being ONE with Nature.

Your unique, personalized health coaching session may include one or more of any of the modalities included above, depending on your unique needs.