The Universe presented me with unexpected good fortune the day it gifted me with the opportunity of being “in the right place at the right time“. This was the day I fortuitously attended a Seniors Zoom meeting at which Kerri was a participating speaker. It just happened to be a very low point in my life  and I was searching for guidance and solutions to numerous existing situations. The minute Kerri began her presentation, I was immediately impressed by her pure passion, knowledge, intensity and genuine sincerity as she discussed her holistic beliefs  and explained the benefits and positive outcomes associated with each aspect of the practice. Her positive energy was profound and clearly palpable, even on the Zoom platform. I was hooked! It was the answer I was seeking and I found it, totally unexpectedly that day.
We began our relationship with Gentle Yoga, taking into consideration the many physical limitations on my side; but Kerri always suggested modifications and alterations which allowed me to practice  the moves to the best of my abilities and still reap the myriad benefits from the inherent practice of Yoga. And so my journey into wellness began; and this was supplemented with the Sunday Morning Meditations.
Kerri is the Masterful Mistress of the Guided Meditation Path. In my quest for inner peace, I have sought and experienced many meditation sessions presented by various teachers. There is no comparison to Kerri as she softly and intimately leads you on a spiritual and natural trip leading to inner peace, tranquility and pure bliss. These feelings linger within  your  soul and maintain your spiritual being with inner comfort  and satisfaction for prolonged periods of time. They are my salvation! Thank  you Kerri for your profound love and understanding.
Carole D.

2019 was a transformational year for me and K&P Holistic was a huge part of it!  In late 2018 I finally had enough of being obese and unhealthy and started my journey to optimal health.  While driving in Franklin I saw the yoga sign for K&P and decided as a Christmas gift to myself I would give yoga a try.  What a gift K&P Holistic Health and Fitness has been!!! 
In my first class Kerri was so warm and inviting. She was patient with me and gave me tips on how to modify certain positions as my left hip had limited movement due to a surgery.  Kerri never once gave up on me and to this day continues to encourage me.  Yoga and meditation has become an integral part of my daily life. Kerri’s opening class sentence  of “Breath in loving, healing energy and exhale anything negative or that is no longer serving you ” has had such a profound impact on me.  Learning to let go has been life changing.  I  have met such wonderful people through K&P whether it was Kerri, classmates or other instructors. 
Kerri’s knowledge and insight of holistic health has encouraged me to adopt healthy habits and embrace a more holistic lifestyle.  My favorite podcast quote from Kerri is “Self care is the new health care”.  K&P also has a product line and I absolutely love the lip balm and bug bite relief.
Sheila K.

Hi, my name is Horst. I am a 56 year old male, who before I started my new experience into yoga at K&P was unable to even bend down to tie my own shoes. Now mind you I come from a generation where this form of health and exercise is foreign. But since recently my wife was introduced to yoga through our son and asked if I would like to try it, so I went along and as I stand here today I will tell all who will listen to take a yoga and exercise class. You will not regret it! It has changed my life for the better and I am really enjoying my new found flexibility and weight loss. Thanks again Kerri for all that you have done for me and Trish.
Horst H.

We found K&P Holistic passing by through town. We navigated Kerri’s easy to use website. We took advantage of taking a free class on a Sunday morning. After that class we have been hooked. My fiancé and I typically go together and try to go as often as we can, 4-5x a week.  It has now been a little more than 3 weeks of going regularly and my chronic back pain is now only a whisper! For the first time in 10 years my back pain is not preventing me to do the things I enjoy in life. If I were you, I would go to one of Kerri’s classes.  The only thing I will warn you is that you will become hooked! My body has never felt so good! Her studio is clean, and has a calming environment. She has everything you need, just bring yourself and your yoga mat and enjoy discovering a better you.
Kari S.

I’ve finally decided after many years of feeling tight and stiff to give yoga a try and I am sure glad that I did. After the first class I already felt better and knew from that point on that this was something I should have started a long time ago. Kerri is awesome. She goes at a casual, gentle pace and helps you on your way to achieve the correct poses for us newbies. She has a mix of different kinds of classes throughout the week so you won’t ever get bored with doing the same thing. I feel a lot of camaraderie between fellow peers within the studio and it is just a great place to de-stress, relax, and feel better. Thank you Kerri for helping me out on my goals. People in the area need to stop by and try out a class. They will be very happy they did!
Adam S.

I am so grateful that I came to the open house you had a while ago.  I feel blessed to have found a studio that understands all levels of your students.  I cannot say enough about the classes and instructors.
Thank you!
Lisa R.

Kerri, your product, blemish buster, kept my scars from total knee replacements to a minimum. 
Barbara K.

I’ve never had a facial before!!! Angela did amazing; it was so relaxing and so professional. It was an amazing experience and I have now booked another one for the following month and I cannot wait!!! After the facial my skin felt like a baby’s bottom…it was amazing!
Alex S.

Today I went to K & P Holistic Heath & Fitness for a facial with a friend and left with a huge smile on my face. The facial itself was very relaxing and the owner & her daughter are super kind people. I will most definitely be returning. The atmosphere is so comforting you will feel right at home.
Aleksandra D.

If I could give you guys a 12/10 I would! This nice place, located in Franklin, is so cute. You walk in and are greeted by the owner, what a sweet lady! Her and her daughter are very passionate in their work and it shows! Went in for a facial with a friend of mine and we both loved it! Thank you guys so much for your awesome work, skills, and customer service!
Joseph M.